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Creative Designs that Put the Sky in the Clock

The clock uses simple design language, as far as possible to remove unnecessary elements, let it emit a simple and calm temperament. I hope that in this aesthetic experience, people can feel a soothing and relaxed feeling. Dusk was developed by designnest and Zhejiang University graduate Lu Yicong. The minimalist way of creation is designed to embellish life with casual designs. The product will soon be available on the kickstarter platform in the United States.

Simple and varied
Although this clock is in the simple design language, but is rich in variety. Over time, the color of the dial changes alternately in shade and light.

Change, and let it happen
People can actually sense about time from the position of the sun and the changes in the weather, which is like a birthright. And the change of this clock comes from the "instinct" of people. Although the dial moment changes, but this change naturally, as the sky looked up.

Naturally, intertwined with each other.
This rich effect, consistent with the changing weather, makes watches and clocks more interesting. Later, in addition to traditional methods, people can use the "sky" in the room to sense the approximate time.

Beautiful, born of harmony
Good things must be in a state of harmony, which is the basic idea of the design. Make reasonable silence or deletion of the elements, let the clock show the passage of time and the rhythm of nature in a harmonious manner.

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