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Action, From the Moment the Alarm Clock is Pressed

Have you ever tried to hold the alarm clock down when it rings and then turn around and sleep again? Have you ever tried to get up on a cold morning, but you can't help retracting your newly exposed feet from the bed?
Although getting up every day is no stranger to you, every time you get up, you fear again, and every time you need to challenge again. This phenomenon is called the "wake-up effect", which affects people's behavior.
Many phenomena show that every day and every beginning, people encounter not the resistance of others, but the resistance of themselves: "I don't like it", "I'm worried". And every resistance is enough to shake and even give up.
Things that should have been acted at once are often delayed, big and small, as an excuse, which illustrates the weakness of human nature. When people lose their external control, the biggest problem is self-management, and action is the first step of self-management.
When it comes to self-management, many partners think of "making plans." the most important thing is not the schedule that was written the night before, but the next morning's action. The moment the alarm clock is pressed, is the beginning of the day, is the time to move.
Many partners will find the first deal, the first recommendation, the first strange visit, the first invitation is the most difficult, but for a successful partner, there is no first attempt, where the success of the future.
So the first action of the day is not the result, but the action itself. When the first action, successful or not, the second action will be easier than the first action. Therefore, continuous action, introspection and summing up in action, allowing action to dominate larger actions is an important part of self-management of excellent partners.
Of course, our actions are not blind, but also need scientific goal management. The goal management needs the big goal and the small goal cooperation, the goal must have the big small, the indispensable. Why should the target be large and small? Because big goals can enhance willpower, small goals can enhance action.
We often see that some partners have big goals, they lack small goals, they talk about ambition, they talk impassively, they do it silently, and over time they become empty talkers. Eventually, there is doubt about the big goals.
Others have small goals and no big goals. Don't think you can do it well. These partners think big goals are daydreams, so they don't take the initiative to improve their abilities. Perhaps because their ability is not enough, and more suspicious of the big goal, ask, a person who does not have a dream, how can achieve success?
The big goal and the small goal complement each other. We can decompose the big goal into a small goal, through the realization of a small goal, through a day's harvest to motivate themselves, and finally to achieve the big goal.
Friends, don't make excuses for yourself, don't set yourself limits, set a goal for yourself, every day, from the moment you press the alarm clock, go ahead!
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