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A clock is a timing device that displays hours, minutes, and seconds in the human eye. But the digital clock is very common in the single chip microcomputer module. The digital clock is a kind of device that uses digital circuit technology to realize the timing of time, minutes and seconds, which is more accurate and intuitive than the mechanical clock, and has no mechanical device. With longer service life, it is widely used. The led electronic timing alarm clock is a digital timing device based on single chip microcomputer digital circuit to realize timing, minutes, seconds digital display, its timing cycle is 24 hours, in addition, there should be a timing function and some display date, alarm clock and other accessory functions. A basic digital clock circuit consists of a decode display, "time", "minute" second "," week "counter, timing circuit, time circuit and oscillator. At present, electronic clocks are widely used in various private and public situations and become indispensable helpers in our life, work and study.

Because of the practicability of clock and its importance in people's life, it is meaningful to try to design the digital clock with MCU as the core. The clock's original function of reporting time has been unable to meet the increasing demands of people. Modern electronic clocks have similar automatic alarm, automatic ringing on time, automatic control of time programs, timing broadcasting, automatic starting of closed circuit lights, and switching off power equipment. Even in the design of our factory, lcd electronic clock sampling lcd display time and date, which is intuitive and practical, and can be adjusted conveniently. The accompanying calendar and timing functions are also very convenient and practical.

Fuzhou XIHE Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic clocks, wooden clocks, weather clocks, Hygrometer & thermometer, electronic gifts. After several years of hard work, we have developed a series of products with reliable quality, reasonable price and novel appearance, and have established a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship with a group of customers. Reasonable price, excellent quality and punctual delivery are the main reasons for our guest retention. Equality, honesty, win-win is our business philosophy. Look forward to your cooperation!



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