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Application of Temperature and Humidity Meter

The temperature and humidity meter can help you grasp the change of temperature and humidity properly, improve the surrounding environment. The high quality, humanized product facilitates you to use the temperature and humidity adjustment device in time, achieves the better health range.

Home office use, can be at any time to measure the current air temperature and humidity. The most important component of the skin is water. The adult skin and dermis contain about 70% water. Moderate moisture can keep the skin luster and color. The moisture balance between air and skin can be realized by properly controlling air humidity. If the skin is dry for a long time, the skin will lose its elasticity and luster due to lack of water, and accelerate the aging of the cuticle. In addition, high temperature hot and cold dry also can cause the human body moisture imbalance. Therefore, the temperature and humidity changes at any time, take appropriate protection measures, is important to maintain the skin luster.

Modern medicine has found that at 45% to 55% relative humidity, the average lifespan of bacteria is the shortest, and too high or too low humidity can lead to longer life span of bacteria. When the air humidity is 35%rh, Ciliates in the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs slow down, dust and bacteria are easily attached to the mucous membranes, irritating the larynx and causing coughing and other respiratory diseases. When air humidity is low, influenza viruses and gram-positive bacteria that can cause infections can proliferate faster and spread easily, causing disease. In addition, allergic dermatitis, asthma, Allergic diseases such as pruritus are also associated with air dryness.

The laboratory and clean room use temperature and humidity meter to measure the current environment index more intuitively and effectively adjust the current environment according to the cultivation object. Warehouse logistics industry can more intuitively regulate the current environment or storage area according to the adaptive environment of storing and transporting items.

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